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CJ Sahadeo

CJ Sahadeo

Author 2 Published Books

Hi, my name is CJ. Ever since I was very small, I was immersed in the world of creativity.
Reading has always been one of my passions and my family carried on that Caribbean tradition of oral storytelling. When I got older, I realized that I too would like to tell stories, craft characters, touch the minds and hearts of people. In short, be that storyteller that made such an impact on my life. I began writing at the tender age of eleven and have never stopped.
I enjoy writing both novels and poetry and hope to publish many volumes of them someday. Otherwise, I am a coffee addict who loves my pet dog and enjoys hanging out with my family especially my veritable brood of nieces and nephews. I spend way too much time spacing out while I craft out characters and world settings and having very odd conversations with my sister.
As a day job, I grow bacteria from a variety of body sites and figure out which antibiotics can kill them. It's fun! And as a side effect, it can help save lives!



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