All her life Amrika has dreamed about being one of the dark things, a Midnight Robber, like her father before her. Her lack of abilities, however, doesn’t stop her from risking her life to save that of a kalinag child, or from getting involved in the fight that’s coming.
And a fight is coming.
The saikan Governor of Port-of-Gold, has declared that the last of the kalinag, the original peoples of the now-conquered island of Ierie must be destroyed and their lands taken for the glory of the Motherland.
With the death of its people looming, Ierie itself calls the dark things to its aid. And they must answer the call, for if they fail, the wrath of the land will awaken, and none may survive it.


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CJ Sahadeo

CJ Sahadeo

Author 2 Published Books

Hi, my name is CJ. Ever since I was very small, I was immersed in the world of creativity.
Reading has always been one of my passions and my family carried on that Caribbean tradition of oral storytelling. When I got older, I realized that I too would like to tell stories, craft characters, touch the minds and hearts of people. In short, be that storyteller that made such an impact on my life. I began writing at the tender age of eleven and have never stopped.
I enjoy writing both novels and poetry and hope to publish many volumes of them someday. Otherwise, I am a coffee addict who loves my pet dog and enjoys hanging out with my family especially my veritable brood of nieces and nephews. I spend way too much time spacing out while I craft out characters and world settings and having very odd conversations with my sister.
As a day job, I grow bacteria from a variety of body sites and figure out which antibiotics can kill them. It's fun! And as a side effect, it can help save lives!



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